Ally Beth Schindelholz LC. Dip Prof. SM AMRSPH Wellbeing & Creativity Coaching

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What is Wellbeing & Creativity Coaching? - The Spectrum is Vast

  • My role- is to support you in your circumstances and journey, by coaching, information, workshop or V.I.P days.
  • we are Equal Partners- we can work to accomplish & celebrate your goals.
  • Exploring- asking Questions, developing your trust and confidence.
  • Discovering- reflect on your perspectives and discover new actions.
  • Encouraging- you to focus on opportunities for your brighter future.

Wellbeing & Creativity Coaching is working along-side you, using your head, hands or heart, whether able bodied or challenged by a mental, emotional or physical dis-ability, a unique coach can be a sounding board, a fresh perspective and someone genuine who is willing to believe in you.

  • Co Creating a plan to create better outcomes for general health
  • Maybe Change your eating choices/opportunity to shed weight
  • Plan different outcomes for Lifestyle and Wellbeing.

 Our Core Values      

Social Justice • Equality & Diversity • Sincerity • Kindness        

Creatives often overwork to tight deadlines to achieve amazing works, not always receiving the feedback they deserve, learn to work wise.

List of My Membership Professional Associations  

  • The Royal Society for Public Health
  • LAPLC International Association of Professional Coaches
  • IICT International Institute for Complementary Therapies
  • Local Government Association + Arts & Health South West
  • The Complementary Therapist Association

Do something today - your future will thank you for it!

My Qualifications and My Lion's share of Personal life's experiences  Click here to Read More

When it comes to your Health your should consult your GP, because coaches are not Health Care Providers.

These are what we offer you in a nutshell …             

  • Wellbeing & Creativity: Health & Weightloss, Advice & Programs.
  • Home: Colours & interiors, Calm Home, Glorious Make do & Mend.
  • Aromatherapy: Blends synergies, Homemade Beauties, Art & Crafts.
  • Sustainability: Eco living & Materials, Recycling, Decorating, Paint Effects.
  • Public Health: Health & Safety, Stress & Pressure, Relaxation.

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